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Custom Vitamins

NutriChem is one of Canada’s leaders in personalized vitamin provider

Overwhelmed with the amount of supplements you have in your cabinet? Unsure of what exactly you should be taking? Tired of counting pills? Custom vitamin formulas may be the solution to all of these problems.  And NutiChem is Ottawa’s vitamin shop.

The foundation of personalized medicine is custom vitamin compounding. Following your initial visit or after completing the body chemistry balancing (BCB) test, NutriChem clinicians design a custom vitamin formula that is tailored to you and your nutritional needs. 

Personalized Vitamins

What goes into a custom vitamin pack?

Your clinician will decide what the custom vitamin formula contains based on your health history, bloodwork, and treatment plan. A custom vitamin formula may contain a combination of various micronutrients such as B-vitamins, magnesium, calcium, selenium, vitamins A, D, E, K, CoQ10 and others. NutriChem can also compound your custom formula to contain herbs, such as withania (ashwaganda) and vitex (chasteberry).

NutriChem’s custom vitamins contain only the highest-quality, pharmaceutical-grade ingredients to maximize absorption and digestibility. NutriChem does not use any synthetic additives or fillers in our custom formulas. NutriChem is proud to provide clean and allergen-free products to our customers that have sensitivities or allergens.  NutriChem’s custom formulas are also available in powdered form, with or without added flavour.

Vitamins Ottawa

Who is a candidate for custom vitamins?

Anyone can be a candidate for custom vitamin formulas. Custom vitamins can be used to support general health and wellbeing, treat nutritional deficiencies, optimize performance, or work synergistically with other treatments of various conditions. Your clinician will ensure the ingredients in your custom formula are safe and do not interact with other medications. 

How long do I take custom vitamins for?

This will depend on your treatment plan from your clinician. Your clinician may decide to increase or decrease various dosages or add ingredients into your custom formula depending on how you are responding to treatment.

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